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About Us

About Us
Zhongcai Asset Management Limited, a Hong Kong registered company, is an affiliated company of Zhongcai Merchants Investment Group, which was founded in Hangzhou, China, in 1995. Today the Group operates three business units – manufacturing chemical building materials, providing support (loan guarantee, pawn brokering and auctioneering) to entrepreneurs, and operating a futures trading platform. The group employs over 14,000 people and is present in 34 of the biggest cities in China.
A growing number of clients of Zhongcai Financial Centre and Zhongcai Futures Brokerage have been requesting independent investment advice and asset management services in Hong Kong. Zhongcai Asset Management was founded to fulfill this demand, offering investment solutions tailored to the unique goals and objectives of each individual client.
Zhongcai Asset Management is registered with the Hong Kong Securities and Future Commission and holds licenses for Type 1 (dealing in securities), type 4 (advising on securities) and type 9 (asset management).

Why Zhongcai Asset Management?
Zhongcai Asset Management is an independent investment adviser based in Hong Kong, and offers investment management services to a wide range of Professional Investors, principally but not exclusively based in Asia. Its location and capital base ensures that it is uniquely placed to benefit from the consistent economic growth in Asia.
The principals involved in Zhongcai Asset Management have a wide range of experience both in terms of types of investments, and their geographical locations. They are from Canada, the United States of America, France and China, and all have extensive experience with investments both for private and institutional investors.
We have no ties to any fund manager, bank or financial institution, and are free to search across a wide range of products and services to serve our clients, whether the investments are for wealth building, retirement planning or immigration purposes.

Client Experience
One of the most important aspects of investing with Zhongcai Asset Management is the personal relationship that you develop with your Client Relationship Manager and the Company. We believe the need for this type of relationship has never been stronger than since the recent financial crises and the subsequent market volatility and uncertainty.
It is all about putting the personal aspects of a relationship back in the forefront and therefore encapsulating the spirit of independence. Within this model, clients can choose the financial institutions they want for the custody of their assets whether a large brokerage house or a boutique private bank.
As a result, you have peace of mind by knowing that your assets are in custody with a brand you know and trust, and you can therefore leverage on the market capitalization and infrastructure of the financial institution, execution and reporting.

Zhongcai Asset Management comes in by playing the role of a truly independent adviser who fully understands the client’s personal and financial situation, and aspirations. We are then able to structure the investments to meet these needs by accessing the most suitable platform, so as to offer the best solution for you, the client.
In the course of our relationship with you, we will have regular reviews, to ensure your needs remain the same and that we are aligned in the objectives for the account.

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