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Our Services
Zhongcai Asset Management offers investment solutions that are tailored to each client, whether private clients or institutional investors.
As an Independent Asset Manager, we take the view that our investment philosophy should be easily understood, take in the big picture, be backed by analysis, and include a bottom-up approach in the choice of investment.

We believe that investment performance does not depend on there being a lot of people at a financial institution working for a client – but rather the right people with a wealth of knowledge and experience.
Having relationships with a variety of financial institutions in turn provides us with access to the best research available in the market. We will then translate and filter all of this information and knowledge into what we believe is right, and then share it with you, our client.
We have three specific principles governing our management style. First, we work with the most talented managers around the globe to generate reliable, predictable performance. Secondly, protecting against the downside is crucial to outperform the markets in the long term. Thirdly, building an effective portfolio requires a combination of macro views with strong portfolio construction expertise to express these views.

Private clients
At the onset, we go through a thorough process of reviewing your personal and life situation as well as your preferences. We believe it is important for us to make sure that you fully understand where and how we invest your money, how much it will cost you to invest, and what the investment return could be, and that you agree to the investment strategy.
As our client, you can decide how you wish their portfolio to be managed, whether it is on a discretionary or an advisory basis. In either case, you will have a dedicated portfolio manager and the same reporting. The main difference is that you will be required to confirm instructions before the investment decision is executed.

Regular consultations ensure that your investment strategy remains on track to meet your goals even as market conditions and financial needs change over time. You can have access directly to your portfolio manager if you require guidance or if your situation changes between consultations.

Institutional Clients
Our team of asset managers has a wealth of experience investing in the Asia Pacific region over more than 20 years. We are happy to offer institutional clients the opportunity to have their own branded investment products, managed in Asia by our team, which they can offer to their clients in their own country.
As an independent Investment Adviser or Fund Manager, we believe that we can offer a more tailored and personal service to institutions who wish to offer more investment alternative to their own clients.

Our Investment Process
The initial investment strategy and portfolio allocation is the result of our four-step investment process.
Our four-step investment process is as follows:
Step 1. Understanding your specific situation: resources and constraints, investment goals, time horizon, financial and non-financial objectives will help us determine an appropriate investment strategy.
Step 2. Formulating an Investment Strategy: customized to your needs, the investment strategy will be thoroughly discussed and explained to you.
Step 3. Implementing the Investment Strategy: your portfolio manager will use this guidance to allocate the portfolio appropriately amongst individual holdings. From time to time, your portfolio manager may make changes to these holdings as market conditions warrant, but any changes will always be in keeping with the strategy that was agreed to in the AM.
Step 4. Monitoring the Portfolio: Periodic changes may be needed as the prospects for the individual holdings change with time and market conditions. We will provide quarterly updates on the investments and an annual in-depth portfolio review.
In the annual review, your portfolio manager will present a comparison between the performance of the investments and a benchmark which was pre-selected in the Investment Policy Statement.

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